Privacy Policy

Watching Your Privacy

Effective January 1, 2015

This Privacy Policy applies when you interact with BennTech such as to request information, solicit quotes, or utilize our service offerings.

When you interact with us, we may gain access to your company confidential and / or employee information such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.  Upon becoming a customer, you may provide us with access to you servers, computers, network, etc.

BennTech does not sell, rent, or otherwise disclose your company and / or personal information without your written agreement.  BennTech will, with the customer’s permission, disclose only that information required by a 3rd party to fulfill the requirements of any work and/or projects contracted with said 3rd party.   Prior to release of the information, BennTech requires the 3rd party to agree to our Non-Disclosure agreement.

Your data may be transferred if our business is sold to others, but it must continue to be used in accordance with this Privacy Policy.  Any other entity which buys us, or part of our business, will have the right to continue to use your data, but only in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy unless you agree otherwise.

We keep most of your data for as long as your account is open.  We keep some of your data even after you close your account such as billing data, company data, ticket data, and any other data required to document services provided for you.  We retain your data even after you have closed your account if reasonably necessary to comply with our legal obligations (including law enforcement requests), meet regulatory requirements, resolve disputes, maintain security, prevent fraud and abuse.

We monitor for and try to prevent security breaches.  We implement security safeguards designed to protect your data, such encrypting stored sensitive data. We regularly monitor our systems for possible vulnerabilities and attacks. However, we cannot warrant the security of any information that you send us. There is no guarantee that data may not be accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed by breach of any of our physical, technical, or managerial safeguards.

We may store and use your data outside of the United States.

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