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So how do I create secure passwords? My method is very simple yet generates very complex passwords. It starts with a number that you will never forget such as your social security number, a 10 or 7 digit phone number, the combination of 2 digit birthdays. For demonstration purposes I'll use 123-4567. You will also need a starting character or number, I'll use the letter "a". Now all you need is a keyboard and the ability to count.

So now that you've created a really great password what do we do with it? If we use a single complex password we still run the risk of a hacker getting this password and having access to everything. So we need a bunch of secure passwords.



RAID 1 consists of an exact copy (or mirror) of the data across two disks. The resulting data storage capacity is equal to the capacity of the smallest disk.  This configuration is fault tolerant to the failure of one disk.

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