Managed Services

Managed Services

IT Managed Services Agreements have become very popular with both customers and service providers because they create an Alignment of Interest.  In a break / fix environment the service provider has an unspoken interest in failures occurring while the customer has an interest in a lack of failures – NOT in alignment.  With a managed service agreement, it’s in the service provider’s best interest to minimize failures which is aligned with the customer's interests.  A classic "win-win" scenario.

Customer Benefits

  1. Saves Money:  The question to ask yourself is "How much does it cost my company every time a system goes down?".  One lost sale could potentially cost more than your service costs for a year.  With a managed service contract, it is in BennTech's best interest to make sure your systems stay on-line.  A break/fix arrangement guarantees your systems will "break" then have to be fixed.
  2. Predictable Costs:  BennTech's managed service contracts provide a consistent cost each month so you know exactly what you will spend for your covered equipment.
  3. Premium Service:  Managed Service tickets are assigned a higher priority than break/fix tickets.

BennTech Benefits

  1. A predictable income allows for optimum staffing levels to support the workload.
  2. BennTech is free to proactively maintain the covered equipment preventing most failures.  In break/fix situations, we are often acting in a reactive manner to a failure.

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